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 Prologo » Zero TRI Pas CPC Nack

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El sillín preferido por los triatletas de alto nivel: El nuevo Prologo Zero TRI Pas CPC Nack.

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159,00 €

(IVA incluido)

Sillín Prologo Zero TRI Pas CPC Nack

Medidas: 254 x 136 mm.
Peso: 218 g.
Medida del raíl: Nack 7 x 9,3 mm.

Cubierta: Microfiber + CPC
Interior: Light Foam

Descripción del fabricante:

The Zero TRI Pas saddle is designed by Prologo especially for the use in triathlon. The flat shape is suitable for medium-short distances. The big cut-out extends the entire length of the saddle relieving the peak of pressure in the perinereal area and it is much easier to stay in the typical triathlon seating position.

CPC: Connect, Power Control: Prologo patented technology, the specially designed CPC surface features 3D polymer volcanoes arranged for maximum benefit. This includes optimum grip, shock absorption, and air cooling. Furthermore, it enhances blood flow through massaging action, reducing numbness and tendon related discomfort. In turn this reduces fatigue.

The PAS system(perinereal area system) is a processing of the base of the saddle, the hole or channel has been designed in order to eliminate pressure to the pelvic area.The Pas Technology is achieved thanks to a particular anatomical shape design of the foam and base. The performance and durability are ensured thanks to the unchanged integrety of the base.

The ZERO TRI Pas CPC Nack saddles are available with the NACK rail, a nano structure carbon fibre that integrates kevlar and aluminium fibers in order to provide a superlight rail with reduced deformations compared to standard carbon. Oversize shape 7 x 9,3 mm.

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